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Top 3 Most Common Website Mistakes And How To Fix Them

Top 3 Most Common Website Mistakes and How to Fix Them Blog Post - Constructive Marketing

Websites are essential to the success of a business, whatever the sector. . It’s therefore very important that they are well-designed and contain good quality content to make sure that they serve your customers well.  Our many years of designing and building websites for clients in different industries mean that we are often asked to […]

The 5 Things Google Finds Unhelpful On Websites

The 5 Things Google Finds Unhelpful On Websites Blog Post - Constructive Marketing

As a result of Google releasing its new algorithm update in August, the types of content that are considered “helpful” have changed. Trying to figure out what content on your website is “unhelpful” can be difficult. Let’s discuss a few things that could be lowering your site’s ranking, and how you can change the content […]

Understanding Google’s New Algorithm

Understanding Google's New Algorithm Blog Post - Constructive Marketing

Google has just finished rolling out its latest major update, which they have helpfully called The Healthy Content update. With this update, Google is attempting to filter content that is published on websites into two categories: content that is made for the users and content that is specifically designed to rank highly on Google. Who/What […]