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Admor Dental Plus approached us after being recommended to us by another client. They needed help with generating more leads and increasing awareness of their software. While keeping their marketing cost down.

After an initial discussion, we were able to establish the right strategy to get DentalPlus in front of the right people and ultimately improve sign up rates while still staying within their budget. The strategy included:

  1. Content curation which involved writing copy for social media and creating branded images to accompany the post text. The images created were also used in email campaigns sent by DentalPlus to create synergy across the two marketing channels.
  2. Posting to Facebook and LinkedIn once a week. All the posts linked to the sign up page of the website. This link was made trackable so click-throughs could be measured, ensuring that the social media posts continued to be effective.
  3. Improving organic SEO. An additional benefit of these efforts was that our experts predicted that the Dental Plus website rankings would improve.

The results

By implementing the strategy, Dental Plus has seen a steady increase in click throughs to their sign up page. With extra support from our experts, they were able to implement changes to their website, making the sign up process more appealing to encourage potential customers to fill out the sign up form. 

Due to the consistent posting of the website links, the Dental Plus website has jumped up the Google rankings. Now appearing on page one of the search results instead of page two, improving their overall website traffic and awareness of the software. 

Using organic methods, Dental Plus is working towards their business goals for an affordable monthly fee and have asked us to help grow their parent company too.