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As we’re sure you’ll know, technology is constantly changing and there’s no exception for digital marketing channels. So it’s no surprise that, in order to be successful at digital marketing in 2023, you need to continually evolve your digital marketing strategy. The beginning of 2023 is a good time to make some changes. Here’s what we suggest:

Streamline the social platforms you’re on

A lot of businesses make the mistake of being on every social media platform in fear of not reaching everyone. Unless you’re a government or global consumer brand, this is the wrong approach to take – you don’t want to reach everyone you want to reach your target audience. So ask yourself – what platforms are they on?

Think of social media platforms as news channels. There are lots of different ones out there; Sky News, BBC News, Channel 4 News, ITV News etc. Each of them is essentially telling the same stories, they’re just doing it in a slightly different way. As a result, people have their preferences – some always watch Sky News and don’t like BBC News. While others prefer BBC News over everything else. 

So what social media platform does your target audience prefer? Once you know that, you can start removing your business from other social channels and focusing on the audience’s favourite/s. 

Top Tip: Make sure that you don’t leave your social media accounts to become dormant. It’ll reflect badly on your business and may make potential customers turn away thinking your business is not operating anymore. Instead, either delete the social account completely or – if there’s an option to – make the account invisible to the public.

Build relationships with your customers

One of the main goals of any marketing efforts that you do should be to build relationships with your customers. Very few consumers are going to decide to buy from you simply because you asked them to. 

What many will do is shop around, look at alternatives and ultimately choose the business that resonates with them the most. Making sure that your business has a good relationship with the consumer will give it a good chance of being the one that consumers choose.

Make sure you’re consistent

Whatever digital marketing efforts you’re doing, making sure you’re consistent is a constant rule. While changing things up is important, it’s equally as important to make sure that you’re giving things ‘a good go’ before deciding that they’re not effective for your business.

Here at Constructive Marketing, we’ve got years of experience managing a diverse range of businesses digital marketing strategies. Whether you’re not sure where to start, or you already have goals in place, we can help. 

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