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Heaton House is a specialist dementia care home based in Worthing and we’re proud to have been retained as their outsourced marketing department for many years now. At first we worked to establish them in the local community as one of the leading dementia care homes in the area and now we work to maintain this reputation. 

As their outsourced marketing team, we work closely with the leadership team at Heaton House. Ongoing work includes; website updates, managing their social media channels and online presence, as well as looking after their brand and using it in design and print projects. This ensures their name stays well known in Worthing. It’s our job to ensure that their multi-channel marketing efforts are always seamless and work together to send out the same messages. 

We’re committed to continually evolve clients and make sure that they stay ahead of the marketing curve. As shown from the examples below, this rings true in the case of Heaton House. We pride ourselves on our ability to run seamless, multi-channel campaigns for them. The services we carry out for Heaton House include:

Social Media

To make sure that the social media channels got the results that Heaton House wanted, we developed a targeted social media strategy for them, ensuring we only put out high quality and relevant content. 

Our team creates engaging content for both LinkedIn and Twitter, making sure that the owner of Heaton House, Sally Neil-Smith, is always shown to be a leading local expert in dementia care. This type of content requires our team to educate themselves on dementia and we are all trained Dementia Friends as a result. 

The owner at Heaton House has a strong presence in the business community and so being active on LinkedIn has proved to be a great way to further the home’s presence within the local business community.

Website Support

As part of their website management, we also write longer pieces of content for their blog and make regular content changes to their website. Including adding new PDFs to download and updating information as and when it is needed. As a full-service marketing agency, we can create the content that we distribute too. 

Print Advertising

Part of establishing Heaton House in the local community is making sure that they are always in front of the local people. An effective way to do this is to advertise in hyper-local publications and we take care of this for them. From booking the advertising with the publications to getting the ad designed and sent to the publication, we ensure Heaton House gets the local coverage it needs. 

We produce spreadsheet schedules of what publications are booked when and keep an archive of physical copies of the magazine to show Heaton House if they want to see it. 

An example of an advertisement


Not only have we been able to establish Heaton House as a local leader in intergenerational care, but we also achieved high commended for the lifetime achievement award for the owner – Sally Neil-Smith.

Photography and Video

We frequently go to Heaton House to take photos and videos for a variety of uses. The great thing about having such a diverse skillset at Constructive Marketing is that we can create and edit the footage we need for any number of marketing channels the client needs. 

We regularly attend to take pictures of the activities going on at Heaton House, even when it’s jogging in the garden!


As part of our role as Heaton House’s outsourced marketing team, we write press releases about significant events to get them featured in local and industry publications. We have also secured editorial space in multiple local publications that get delivered to thousands of homes across the Worthing area.

Projects of Interest

Heaton House recently had a visit from a theatre company and they wanted some photos taken and a video made to remember the day by. Alison, our marketing executive, attended the event and captured all the footage we needed. We were then able able to edit the photos and create an engaging video. The video was viewed over 285 times across their social media channels and received a great response; including being retweeted by an actor from the theatre production and the theatre company itself. 

With our PR expertise, we were able to publicise the event for Heaton House which included writing a