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How we designed and built a new website for CBG Construction

CBG Construction, like most companies, started small but in recent years it has grown considerably. The company needed to move on from its existing website and fast.

The original CBG website

They had already started a rebrand, but also needed a website which would match the ‘larger firm’ they were trying to achieve.

Impressive redesign and UX improvements

CBG Construction tasked us with creating a whole new design for their website which reflected where the company was now positioned. We also needed to ensure that the website was easy to update as we would be handing this website over completely to the in-house team at CBG Construction once the project was completed.

To make the website as easy as possible for CBG to edit we used WordPress as our content management system (CMS) of choice. We also used a theme which includes a drag and drop front-end page builder, this makes the interface extremely easy to navigate if CBG chooses to carry out updates themselves.

Understanding the branding

In order to begin this project, we first needed to gather an understanding of what CBG wanted from its new website. We had an initial meeting with the client to discuss the proposed sitemap of the website as well as the branding guidelines (including colours, fonts and logos). With all of this information in hand we could begin designing some potential page layouts, this included a flexible template design for the case studies.

CBG Construction provided us with collateral (text and images) from all of their featured case studies which could be used across the new site to show the scope of the work that they carry out. Along with these images, pdfs of the case studies that were to be transferred over were also provided. These included a lot more information than was previously featured on the old website. 

With all of this new information we could now begin populating the new website with content. CBG would then review the website as a whole and after some adjustments they were happy with the final design.

Website optimisation and organic SEO

Now that the client was happy with the website, the penultimate step was to optimise the website through organic SEO. This was achieved through setting keyword search terms for every page of the site. Applying these commonly searched terms helps to rank the website higher when users are browsing the internet and using these keywords. 

We also made sure to apply alt text to all of the images displayed on the website. This does two things, search engines can identify what the image is about and it can be made searchable on image search. It also allows screen readers to describe what is happening in the image which helps visually impaired users.

The final result of the project was a cleanly designed, fully functioning, professional website, with a much improved user-experience. It was easy to use, not only for the user, but also anyone who wants to make updates to the site in the future. The website was optimised for all devices and is searchable on all major search engines. It’s great to see what a difference we’ve made to CBG already.

The new CBG site