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Spending big advertising budgets with little ROI? Here’s how content marketing can help

It can be tempting to want to spend big on digital advertising, but in our experience, it often overpromises and under delivers. At Constructive Marketing, we consistently produce high quality content to achieve clients’ business goals – and it works

What is good content?

Before we dive into why it works and the results we’ve achieved for clients, it’s important to understand what we mean by good content. What you think is a good piece of content may not be what your ideal customer is looking for and therefore may not resonate with them. Resulting in you not getting the results you want. 

We have written a whole blog post on what makes good content, but in short you need to ask yourself these three questions: 

  1. Is it relevant? 
  2. Is it original?
  3. Is it focused?

We dive into these three questions deeper in our blog post so it’s well worth a read to help you improve on your own content. 

Why does good and consistent content work?

There are two main reasons that good and consistent content garners good results, the first is that by consistently providing good content to consumers, you build up a good relationship with them. Which builds their trust in you and ultimately converts them in one way or another. Whether that be to sign up to receive more content from you. Or for them to purchase a product/ service from you.

The second reason it works is because the algorithms love consistent quality! LinkedIn, for example, shows companies/ users that post consistently at the top of other user’s news feeds. With users spending an average time of just 7 minutes on the platform, you’ll want to make sure your content is near the top of their feed to increase the chances of it being seen. 

It’s important to remember that consistent doesn’t mean constant so it’s important to only commit to an amount of posts a week that you can stick to. Whether that’s once a week, twice or even three times a week. Whatever it is, making sure you can stick to it is the key.

You also need to bear in mind that posting consistently isn’t a quick fix, but you will see results after a short time. As long as you’re consistently posting good quality content that resonates with your audience. In our experience, it’s like a snowball effect – once the ball starts rolling, it quickly picks up pace!

Client success stories

It wouldn’t be right for us to preach about being consistent with good quality content if we hadn’t seen fantastic results from it. So here are a couple of success stories we’ve had within the last six months. 

Propelling Cheesmur’s reach

We are really proud of the fantastic success we’ve achieved with Cheesmur’s LinkedIn page. Over the last three months (July-October 2023), the page has had way over 27,000 impressions and has an engagement rate of 88%. Which is 84.5% above the average engagement rate for LinkedIn company pages.

Earlier, we mentioned the snowball effect and Cheesmur has definitely experienced that with their follower growth having an increase of 8.5% when compared to the previous three months. 

Now, Cheesmur is consistently reaching, on average, over 300 construction professionals every day on LinkedIn alone and it’s thanks to consistent posting of good quality content. For Cheesmur, this means our content team works with the contracts Director and site managers to receive information about current projects. Which our team then turns into engaging social media and Google posts. We also develop the more detailed projects/ topics into long form content for their blog. 

All of which improves both their brand awareness through multiple channels; social media and Google. You can read the full Cheesmur case study here.

Getting Admor on Google’s page one without spending a Google budget

With our expert knowledge, we were able to take Admor’s budget and make sure that the content we produced for them was placed in the right place to achieve their goals. The result was that their dental software website moved to page one of Google and they began to get more traction on social media. You can read more about the initial stages of the strategy in the case study.

Since then, Admor has trusted us with looking after their other brands. So we’ve implemented a content marketing strategy that spans across all three of their brands. The new strategy has only been in place a month (September-October) and has already achieved way over 285 impressions. With an engagement increase of 4,200% when compared to the previous period (July-August), we think it’s safe to say that encompassing all of their brands into one strategy has been a success. 

Let us help you too!

We would love to help you implement a strong content marketing strategy to help you achieve your business goals too. Give us a call or email us letting us know what it is you’re looking to achieve. So far, we’ve helped businesses increase brand awareness/ engagement, sales and even helped over 20 become award winning!
You can read more of our case studies here.