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Social media is now a firmly established part of the business world, but many still question its value. Whether it’s about how good and profitable it can be, or what it can bring to a businesses. 

Over the years, we’ve worked with a number of construction businesses to build their presence on social media. In fact, just recently, we helped Cheesmur Building Contractors increase their social media reach by over 825%! While this is a fantastic result, many business owners in the construction industry are sceptical about what social media can do for their business. So here are three key things our clients have achieved as a result of improved social media presence:

Improved relationships with stakeholders

One of the main foundations of the construction industry is the connections that are made with others. Whether that be suppliers, sub-contractors or consultants, it’s important for your business to maintain a good relationship with them all. Social media can play a huge part in this..

By posting about recent projects and tagging those involved, you can show your appreciation for those businesses and the teams behind them as well as boost your chances of being front of mind for the next project that comes along.

Be considered for new projects

Being active on social media, particularly on LinkedIn, allows you to be on the radar of the big decision makers. Meaning that they could consider you for projects you may not have been considered for before simply because you weren’t coming up in their feeds.

A lot of decision makers use social media to follow brands and maintain industry knowledge. Our construction clients have a LinkedIn audience of many thousands and Senior Management and Directors make up around half of it. That’s people in senior leadership and director roles, who are possibly those making decisions on tenders and contracts, following our construction clients on LinkedIn to receive their updates to their feed.

Enhanced brand exposure

Most of our construction clients just didn’t have time to social media before starting to work with us – it’s one of the reasons why they got us onboard! Not only do we understand the industry, we also work with the social media algorithms to make sure that the right people see their posts. Increasing their brand exposure and allowing them to build on their positive reputations. Just in one week in April, one of our clients received 4,877 impressions on LinkedIn – that’s 4,877 views on the posts published in one week!

Continuing with that example, the posts published for that client were all about the projects they were working on and events they were attending. Showing their audience they are busy with different projects and active within their business community. A fantastic message to be sending out to stakeholders and peers in the industry. 

If you’re struggling to make social media work for your business, speak to us today. We can support you in setting goals to achieve as well as run and manage your social feeds to make sure those goals are met. 

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