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If you’ve celebrated an award win recently then congratulations! Your business is officially award-winning, a fantastic achievement that’s certainly worth celebrating. 

Once the celebration is over though, there are things you can do to make sure you make the most out of your well-deserved win. After all, being an award-winning business is a great reputation to have and it can even help you win more business. In helping you to win an award we can raise your business profile and brand so that you will stand out as a preferred supplier against your competition, be more selective who you work with and improve your client base.

Here are three ways to maximise your award win:

  1. Update your advertising material
    This could be anything from the leaflets you have to the social media ads you’re putting out. Make sure that they all mention you’re award winning in some way, a phrase you could use is, ‘Your award-winning *industry name* experts’. If you receive a winners logo to use, then make sure you plaster it everywhere possible!
  2. Update your email signature
    Similar to updating your advertising material, make sure that your email signature has the ‘winners’ logo displayed. You could add this badge to your social media headers and your website footer too to make sure that people know you’re award-winning.
  3. Shout about it on your social media channels
    Now when we say this, we don’t mean to talk about it non-stop. We mean to make sure it’s mentioned every so often to make sure people remember you’re an award-winning business. We won an award for a couple of our clients in 2018 and we still make sure to include, ‘give us a call to speak to your award-winning local experts’ every few posts. 

An award win is something that can be celebrated and spoken about years after it has been awarded. Don’t just celebrate it on the day and then sweep it under the rug. Make sure that people know you’re award-winning for years to come. 

We’ve helped many clients to win awards. One of our Construction clients (pictured) had a huge boost in interest, new business and team productivity following their wins. Another client in the Retail industry saw a huge change in the amount of footfall coming into their stores following the publicity generated around their wins. Once a company becomes award winning, then this never goes away. You are always an award winning company.

It’s worth noting that the positive publicity can start even before the awards have been judged. Becoming a finalist is also something that can be spoken about even a year after the awards have happened. We see too many people not maximising something that they’ve worked hard to achieve. Don’t be one of those people! As an agency, we are proud to have achieved over 20 award wins for clients so far. If you need help with getting the most out of your award win, get in touch to find out how we can help.